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Competitive prices and flexible service


SECUREFORCE Inc. is a Quebec-independently owned and operated company entering in the strategic field in the transportation of valuables and cash money handling. Established in 2009 and with over 15 years experience in the security and cash money handling industry we provide secure trained uniform armed guards for all sorts of courier services for your valuables.

Quebec clients want to deal with experts who understand their needs to maintain a close and discrete contact to their business. Therefore we try to avoid exposure with visible company logo vehicles for the safety of your valuables. All courier transport is done with armed personal.

We are a dynamic company that embraces business development. We view our client relationships from a symbiotic perspective. We achieve success by listening to clients, responding to requests, committing resources to training and technology, providing competitive prices and offering flexibility in services. All our employees are trained and certified under the Regulations of cash handling and armored car services.

President's Message

Mr. Nikita, owner and founder of SecureForce, and his colleagues brings to each project not only years of experience, but an unwavering commitment to the highest level of quality and customer satisfaction.

It is essential for us to maintain a close relationship with our customers, as this created a climate of trust and reliability when we carry their valuables.

My previous experience in the armored car industry for several years has developed the security trust and confidence that has earned the loyalty of many long time entrepreneurs, several of whom have been with SecureForce from the beginning.

SECUREFORCE Inc. collaborates with École nationale de police du Québec and the L’association des transporteurs de valeurs and also with the BSP for all new updates and regulations on the armored car industry.

At SECUREFORCE Inc. we'll handle your company's valuables with security, trust, respect and integrity and we'll treat you like family.