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Our mission is to gather and deliver the same day!


The Express Deposit Service offers safe transportation of your valuables to your financial institution while protecting your employee’s safety and exercising your responsibility of duty of care. This innovative cash transportation service fits within your budget as it is designed specifically to benefit the needs of small and medium sized businesses. Most of our services are written by a legal representative of SecureForce service agreements and are signed by both parties

Our Services

  • Collections and deposit to your financial institution
  • ATM Service
  • Coin service
  • Night Deposits
  • Fast and secure medical transport services to hospitals, laboratories and other institutions
  • Transport of fine arts and jewelry
  • Armed road escort of valuables
  • Marriages and Bar Mitzvah

Cash Management

  • Storage of valuables
  • Vaulting

New Service

We now offer our special courier service for all types of deliveries, parcels, mail, payroll records, medical documents etc, to better suited to your needs with competitive costs.

Our insurance policy : Lloyd's of London

Every Secureforce customer shipment is covered by our exclusive, comprehensive "All Risk" Insurance, the best available. This translates into added protection of your assets and increased Loss Prevention for your business. Secureforce has increased its insurance coverage by becoming one of the cash carriers to provide coverage against terrorist activity.